Attention Dixie Power Members: Dixie Power is growing at a rapid rate with its membership and this requires an upgrade to improved customer management software. This upgrade will help employees better serve you, the member, with your account. The new payment portal will have added security enhancements to further protect your financial information. During the week of April 1st through April 8th, Dixie Power cannot take credit card payments during our software conversion. We realize this may cause some inconvenience to those members who have a bill due during this week. It is recommended if your power bill is due during this transition period, you may stop by Dixie Power’s Office and make a payment by cash or check. Please keep in mind that no late fees will be assessed during the month of April. If possible, you may make a credit card payment until March 30th to avoid any inconvenience. *For all members who currently have an auto credit card setup, you will need to re-enter your credit card information through on our new payment portal, SMARTHUB, starting April 9th. We appreciate you as a member of Dixie Power and strive to be your trusted energy partner. Should you have questions regarding the software transition, please feel free to call us or stop by our office. Our member service representatives are happy to serve you. Thank you for your patience and enjoy your affordable rates.

Dixie Power is accepting nominations from individuals interested in running for election on the Board in the Escalante Valley District in Iron County, UT, and Dixie District II which is the area west of River Road in St George UT. Elections are held during the member’s annual meetings in each area. The election for Escalante Valley will be held on June 5, 2018 and the election for Dixie District II will be held on June 6, 2018. The current Board members from each district will be running as incumbents. Interested candidates should contact one of the offices to obtain a Member Petition which must be returned at least 60 days prior to the member meeting per Bylaws.

Board Elections & Nominations

Elections and Nominations for Elections

The Board shall consist of nine directors, seven of which shall be elected from among the members of the Cooperative, and two of which shall be appointed as outside directors. One director shall be elected from Dixie District #1 two directors shall be elected from Dixie District #2 with one nominated from area A, and one from area B. Two directors shall be elected from District #3 Escalante Valley one director shall be elected from District #4 Pine Valley. One director shall be elected from District #5 Arizona. Two directors shall be appointed by the majority vote of the seven elected directors.

Board members shall be elected and/or appointed for a three year term to fill vacancies caused by expiration of the incumbents’ terms of office.

Nominations for Elected Directors

Members shall nominate individuals to run for election for any Director District for which members are scheduled to vote at any Member Meeting (“Nominations”). Members make Nominations by delivering to the Secretary at least sixty (60) days, prior to the Member Meeting a writing for each Nomination. (“Member Petition”):

  1. Listing the name and electric service address of the candidate;
  2. Indicating the Director District for which the candidate will run; and
  3. Containing the printed names and addresses, and original signatures, of at least fifteen (15) Members of the same Director District as the candidate. No Member may sign more than one (1) Member Petition.

After verifying that a Member Petition complies with the qualification section of the bylaws, the Cooperative shall post the Nominations by Director District at the Cooperative’s principal office.

The Secretary shall mail with the notice of the meeting, or separately but at least ten (10) days before the date of the meeting, a statement of the number of directors to be elected, the particular districts involved, and the names of the candidates. The names of the candidates by petition by fifteen (15) or more members shall be placed on the ballot.


No person shall be eligible to become or remain a director or to hold any position of trust in the Cooperative who:

  1. Is not a member and consumer of the Cooperative.
  2. Is in any way employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise or a business selling electric energy or supplies to the Cooperative, or a business primarily engaged in selling electrical or plumbing appliances, fixtures or supplies to the members of the Cooperative. For purposes hereof, a “competing enterprise” shall not include a utility primarily engaged in providing retail electric service to consumers within the Contract Service District, and such a utility shall in all events be deemed not to sell electric energy or supplies, appliances, fixtures, or supplies to the Cooperative or to members of the Cooperative.
  3. Has been employed with the Cooperative within the last three years.
  4. Members of the Cooperative’s Directors’ immediate family, hereafter referred to as “close relative.” Shall not be employed by the Cooperative. The term “close relative” means spouse, parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister, step-parent, step-child, step-brother, step-sister, in-laws, legal guardian or cohabitant, where cohabitant is persons living together, as if married, without legal status.

Time required

The Board meets during the day at least one day a month. There are three local annual meetings each year, and Regional and National Cooperative membership meetings. Time is also spent in training and preparation for meetings. The average time spent is approximately 6 hours per week.