New Construction Request


If you are looking for an estimate to extend power to your raw parcel or if you are building a new home that is not located in an existing subdivision, click here for the form needed to determine an estimated cost.

You can fill out form online then print it out and email it to or print it out and bring it into our office. Please do not include dashes when entering a phone number. (The form will not be submitted if there are dashes in the phone number.)

Once the form has been filled out correctly and turned in to the Engineering Department, you will receive an estimate at our earliest convenience. Be sure to review the following link titled Dixie Power Service Standards before submitting your request.

Dixie Power Service Standards

If you are in need of a Variance and Setback Request Checklist, please click on the following link:

Variance and Setback Request Checklist


  • Site location where work is to be done:

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