Attention Dixie Power Members: The holidays are upon us. On behalf of all of us here at Dixie Power, Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for our members and look forward to serving you in the upcoming year. Have a safe and happy holiday! Also, the annual Christmas Tree Lighting will be held on Tuesday, December 1st, at 6:00 pm. The event will be held at the St George office,145 West Brigham Road, near the Walmart in Bloomington. Come join us for refreshments and kick off the Christmas Season by listening to music performed by Little Valley Elementary Student Choir. Santa will be there too! It's free! It's fun! You know you want to go!

Blower Door Test

The Blower Door is a diagnostic tool designed to measure the air tightness of a home and to locate air leakage sites.

The Blower Door consists of a powerful, calibrated fan that is temporarily sealed into an exterior doorway.The fan draws air out of the building to create a slight pressure difference between inside and outside. This pressure difference simulates a 20 miles per hour wind on all directions of the home which forces air through all holes and penetrations in the exterior envelope. By simultaneously measuring the airflow through the fan and its effect on the air pressure in the building, the Blower Door system measures the air tightness of the entire building envelope. Currently, Dixie Power is not offering Blower Door Testing. However, there are a couple of businesses in the St George area that do. This following video is to show our members how Blower Door tests are performed.