Attention Dixie Power Members: A few of our members have called into our offices asking if we have changed our name. To clarify, we have not changed our name. However, Questar Gas has been purchased by Dominion Energy. We hope that clears up any confusion.

Attention Dixie Power Members: It's hot outside. Keep in mind your air conditioning is working consistently to maintain the temperature you set inside your home. This uses more energy, which affects your power bill, regardless if you are there or not. The best way to control costs associated with your power bill is to keep your home at a consistent temperature rather than turning it up and down regularly. Thank you.

Heater Information


Apero wall heater available at Dixie Power offices.

If you have a cold spot in your home or a room that does not have adequate heating, the Apero wall mount heater works great in these situations.

The slim lined wall heater has a quick surface mount bracket that allows it to be mounted on most any wall and snaps into place in minutes. Two sizes are available, the 1,250 watt unit that measures 26” wide and 18” tall or a 500 watt unit that measures 13” wide and 18” tall. The standard wall outlet should be adequate for either unit.

These heaters are on display and available in either our Beryl or Bloomington office and are offered to members of Dixie Power for use on our system for $125 for the larger heater (regularly $238.27) and $100 for the smaller unit (regularly $199.22). Call us for more details at 435-439-5311 in Beryl or 435-673-3297 in Bloomington.