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Annual Meeting Live Stream

Annual Meetings

Dixie Power is an electric cooperative owned by the members it serves. For this purpose, Dixie Power meets to inform the members in those areas of the current happenings of Dixie Power and to allow them a voice in the operations of Dixie Power. Dixie Power Annual Meetings serve a variety of purposes ranging from informing members of the happenings over the past year to allowing members to interact with board members, management and employees. Any questions or concerns can be voiced at the meetings.

Covid-19 Impacts and Changes to the Annual Meeting for 2020

Typically three annual meetings are held, one for each of the main geographical areas that we serve. However, due to the impact of Covid-19 we will hold all three of our annual meetings via live stream this year. Please plan to attend the annual meeting via facebook livestream, or online at


5:30 (MST) Entertainment – Eldon Hunt

6:00 (MST) Business Session/Door Prizes

The business session includes the CEO and Board Chairman reports, the Treasurer’s report as well as the results of the election. An annual report and invitation to attend the meeting, is mailed out to all the members prior to the annual meeting.

Please plan on attending the annual meeting live stream. There will be entertainment and a drawing for dozens of door prizes donated by local suppliers and merchants, but remember, you must register for a chance to win. We encourage you to be an active, involved and voting member of your cooperative. You can help determine the future of your cooperative by taking part in the election process and participating in the business meeting. We hope you will join us this year for the Dixie Power Annual Meeting Live Stream.