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Prepaid Electric service from Dixie Power is available to residential class members as an optional rate provided the following criteria are met. *Arizona members are not currently accepted for the Prepaid Program. 


New member: Anyone applying for new service may choose Prepaid regardless of payment history or credit rating.

Existing member: An existing member may choose Prepaid at any time. Any previous balance unpaid at the time the account is converted to Prepaid may be converted to a Prepaid Arrangement, where 50% of any payment made on the account will go toward paying the Prepaid Arrangement and 50% applied to the Prepaid balance. Once the arrangement is paid in full, 100% of any payment will go towards future electric usage.

Disconnected member: If an account has been disconnected for non-payment, the member may apply for Prepaid. If the member cannot pay the amount due for reconnection the balance may be converted to a Prepaid Arrangement, with 50% going to the arrangement and 50% going to the prepaid balance.


  1. To enroll in Prepaid, no deposit is required.
  2. Member must have, upon enrollment, a $50.00 Prepaid credit balance.
  3. Any security deposit on file with Dixie Power will be applied to the account balance or future Prepaid balance.
  4. Energy Assistance or other types of assistance will be applied to the Prepaid account when the payment is received.
  5. Electric service will be subject to disconnection at any time the Prepaid Balance falls below zero; MEDICAL conditions and,/or inclement weather will not postpone disconnection. If service is disconnected, a minimum Prepaid credit balance of $25.00 is required before service is restored.
  6. Member must have a valid email address.
  7. Member will be responsible to regularly monitor the balance on the Prepaid account and understands that electric service will be subject to disconnection without any notification from the Cooperative to the member once the balance of the account reaches zero.
  8. Prepaid accounts are not eligible for Auto Draft, Budget Billing or payment arrangements.
  9. Prepaid members will not receive a paper bill.
  10. Payments to the account may be made in the office during normal business hours, by mail, by phone or online at, or the smart hub app. Dixie Power is not responsible for any delay in mail time.
  11. Member agrees to sign up to receive alerts regarding the Prepaid account via email, text message or both.
  12. If a returned check or electronic chargeback is received on the account, the amount of the chargeback and a return fee of $25.00 will be charged back to the members account immediately. If this causes the Prepaid balance on the account to fall below zero, service may be disconnected within 24 hours.
  13. If at any time a member wants to convert to a standard metered account, a deposit may be required based on a two month average bill of the location; the decision to charge a security deposit will be based on existing credit reporting.
  14. The Cooperative reserves the right to remove any member from Prepaid at any time, without consent or notification. The Cooperative reserves the right to modify or end this program at any time.
  15. The Cooperative shall be held harmless from any damages due to loss of energy services, or during the reconnection of service, as a result of participating in the Prepaid program.
  16. Member understands that should the service be disconnected upon reaching a zero balance, reconnection of service may take up to 2 hours after payments have been posted to account. Once disconnected, the account must have a credit balance before reconnection will occur.
  17. By signing this agreement, I understand it is my responsibility to notify the property owner of my enrollment in this program. I further agree to grant my landlord permission to obtain information on my account.