Attention Dixie Power Members: A few of our members have called into our offices asking if we have changed our name. To clarify, we have not changed our name. However, Questar Gas has been purchased by Dominion Energy. We hope that clears up any confusion.

Attention Dixie Power Members: It's hot outside. Keep in mind your air conditioning is working consistently to maintain the temperature you set inside your home. This uses more energy, which affects your power bill, regardless if you are there or not. The best way to control costs associated with your power bill is to keep your home at a consistent temperature rather than turning it up and down regularly. Thank you.

Renewable Energy

In addition to using clean coal technology, Dixie Power is currently utilizing hydro,solar, and geothermal energy


In partnership with St. George City, Dixie Power has made it possible for the residents to participate in a renewable energy program without having to install extra equipment on the resident’s home. Through the SunSmart program, residents can purchase shares that will apply directly to their power bill. For more information visit the SunSmart page on Dixie


Dixie Power utilizes hydro power to diversify its power portfolio. Dixie Power played a critical role to bringing water to the St.George area. By purchasing the electric power that is generated from Quail Creek, hydro power has become a significant resource for its members. Dixie Power also purchased the generation of hydro power from the Glen Canyon Dam.


Dixie Power partnered with local farmers by adding two geothermal generators that are used to assist in crop production. By utilizing the power from the geothermal resource, Dixie Power is able to take part in promoting agriculture in the local community.