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Dixie Power Not For Profit


Round Up Program

You have the opportunity to participate in an innovative program to financially assist worthwhile activities within our community.

Simple and Easy

The “Operation Round up” program works in a very simple and easy fashion. For example, if your month’s electric bill is $58.73, you pay $59.00, with 27 cents going directly to the fund. By participating you will contribute an estimated $6.00, per year–a small amount to help worthy causes within our community. If all 20,000, members of Dixie Power participated, it is estimated $120,000, would be contributed annually.

Small Amounts Make A Large Impact

Funds collected from the “Operation Roundup” program can assist local non-profit, charitable organizations such as Doctor’s Volunteer Clinic, Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah, Switchpoint CRC, Iron County Care & Share, Salvation Army, Coins for Kids, Enterprise Little League, New Castle Cemetery, Dove Center, Dixie Area Detention, Washington & Iron County Children’s Justice Centers and more.

Round Up Program

Dixie Power: A History of Helping the Community
Assist local non-profit, charitable organizations in creating a better community for us all.