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Dixie Power 2018: A Year in Review

How did you do financially?

Watch this brief financial report from our CFO, Chery Hulet, to see what we were able to do with the funds entrusted to us.

What was accomplished in 2018?

Watch our year in review as our CEO, Ladel Laub, guides us through many of the accomplishments of 2018.


How do you keep rates so low?

Watch Kimball Rassmusen, Deseret Power CEO, explain how we are able to keep rates so low for Dixie Power members.

What is our mission?

Because Dixie Power is a non-profit organization, our interests are not towards turning a profit. We seek to keep our member’s rates low and provide them with safe, and reliable energy. This truly has been our mission, and 2018 has yielded some amazing results. Watch the annual meeting below and see what we were able to accomplish in 2018!