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Nothing is Like the Feeling of New!

Nothing is like the feeling of new!

From the very first steps we take, to our first crush, our first car, and even the fresh feeling of finally paying off that 30-year mortgage, nothing is like the rush of experiencing something new!

You can see it written across the faces of children as they can finally reach the doorknob! Suddenly a whole new world is opened up to their explorations!

Sometimes “new” can be scary.

Whether it is your first break up, or the purchase or your first house, these significant changes can be overwhelming. But regardless of the change, each new thing we experience ultimately shapes us, and molds us into our present selves. As we embrace change and look for the potential benefits, we can genuinely love life!


Here at Dixie Power, we have experienced tremendous growth over the last ten years. Because of this we have built new buildings, new substations, and have been able to become acquainted with you, our new members! We have prepared for growth through expanding our infrastructure and working together with other local utilities to provide our area with safe, reliable, and affordable energy. As new needs have arisen, we have stepped up to the plate and took a swing at the challenges ahead. We are excited about our next step at introducing something new to better benefit our members.

What’s New?

We are introducing our brand new website! As the world continues to move further into the digital age, we have seen a need to update and upgrade some of our processes. With everything that we do, we have kept your needs at the top of our list when planning and preparing for our new website. We’ve added online forms to set up your accounts, and apply for rebates! You now have easier access to pay your bill online and locate your membership benefits through our Touchstone Energy connections card. Look for new housing located within our service area with our new Service Area Map! Locate any outages that may exist on our Current Outage Map! Learn everything you need to know as a Dixie Power member with our downloadable Member Reference Manual. We’ve completely redesigned it with you in mind! Check out all of the new features today at

Win a $100 Visa Gift Card

Just for visiting the website we are giving away $500 in Visa gift cards. Starting Monday the 20th – Friday the 25th each day we will be hiding a token for a $100 gift card*. Visit the home page and click “Win a $100 Visa Gift Card” for clues on how to find the tokens. Here is your early bird clue for disc #5: The search bar on the new website might be just what you need for tomorrows first clue. We wish you luck and happy hunting!

*All prizes will be hidden at the base of a power pole within our service area. They will not be located on private property, nor near busy streets as to keep our searchers safe.